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The golf course will be closed Monday, October 9th through Friday, October 13th for Fall Maintenance. If the crew needs an extra day to complete maintenance, then the course will also be closed Saturday, October 14th. Please check the flag condition at the Casa for updated course play.  A red flag means the course is closed.

General Membership Meeting October 18 at 4 PM in Abravanel Hall
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Every Thursday the golf course is closed until 3:00 pm for maintenance.
Please refer to the flag color for current course conditions (see video feed below).

White Flag

Course Open

Red Flag

Course Closed

Blue Flag

Temporarily Closed



October 29

Oaks North

October 16


Join the Ocean Hills Golf Club - OHGC
Membership is required to get an OHGC handicap and play in OHGC tournaments
Forms for New Members to Sign Up:
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2022 Members are automatically renewed at no cost.  There is nothing to do.

In addition, OHGC members may want to join the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) for $36 and get a GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) number.
A GHIN is not necessary to golf at OHCC, but it's useful in golfi
ng at other courses
Click here to join SCGA

Golf Bag Tags For 2023 Are Available At The Front Desk

For Medical Emergencies on the Golf Course

Call 911 (Fire Department) and

Call 760-758-7111 (OHCC Security)

Holes 1 & 9 Reconstruction Timelapse   March 22, 2021 - September 25, 2022


A bad day of golf is always

better than a great day of work

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