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Every Thursday the golf course is closed until 3:00 pm for maintenance.
Please refer to the flag color for current course conditions (see video feed below).

White Flag

Course Open

Red Flag

Course Closed

Blue Flag

Temporarily Closed


June 10

Twin Oaks

Golf Bag Tags For 2024 Are Available At The Front Desk


Hole-In-One Awards Presented at April Membership Meeting

L-R: Larry McBride (HIO Chairperson), Darlene Fahey, Don Dudley, Steve Malone, Al Hawkins, Mike Guillory (President)

Not Present: Maria Lopez, Kim East, Lyle Conifrey, John Jarf, Dan Okada, Rich Dameron, Fernando Lopez

Photos from Mama Jama 2024

Photos from Ladies Golf Queen of the Green 2023

Click here to obtain a GHIN by joining SCGA for $36
A GHIN is not necessary to golf at OHCC, but it's useful in golfing at other courses

In case of an emergency on the golf course,
first call 911,
then call the front gate at 760-758-7111

A golf shot is the best medicine

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