Meeting Minutes

Board  Membership

Residents Only

Call the Casa
(760) 842-1016

What's Next?

2021 Bag Tags are available by appointment by calling the Front Desk at (760) 758-8130.

Maintain social distancing... No social gathering before or after round

Masks required if approaching non-household person closer than 6 feet

For Medical Emergencies on the Golf Course

Call 911 (Fire Department) and

Call 760-758-7111 (OHCC Security)

Front 9 holes under construction.  Play on the back 9 only (holes 10-18).

Handicaps have been halved and all tournaments

will consist of 9 holes only until further notice.

White Flag

Course Open

Red Flag

Course Closed

Blue Flag

Temporarily Closed

hole 1 & 9 reconstruction timelapse   mar 22 - MAY 2


A bad day of golf is still

a great day of retirement